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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  March 16, 2012 3:35am-4:30am EDT

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you in terms of things getting done, but you don't see what it takes when you're not there. you don't see how many times it got cleaned up. you get a better feel for it when you were in the kitchen as you were on the show trying to handle all of it. but you need to be able to appreciate, communicate and find out how much work is it for somebody paying the bills, what does it take? how much work is it when you're handling the taking the car in a couple of times a year or changing the oil. >> dr. phil: do you get acknowledgement from your husband for the things you do? >> um, i'm sure once in a while perhaps. nothing that i recall. >> dr. phil: occasionally? that's the invisible work. they don't see it. do you get acknowledgement for how hard you work? >> every now and then. it's not often. he -- don't look like you do every day. he does not. >> i try to encourage her. >> only when i'm frustrated, if i'm having a bad day and i don't feel like it, he makes sure -- >> dr. phil: you get hot, he'll say, hey, you're doing a good job. do you ever get acknowledgement? >> never, never. >> dr. phil: i think it's important for people to hear that even though you don't see
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it, you get what's happened. >> it makes a huge difference. acknowledging what somebody's contribution is. in fact, playing like you're on the same team. make it a win-win situation. >> dr. phil: yeah. despite the complaints, they all love their husbands. it hasn't gotten to the point of chasing them away yet. well, occasionally. [laughter] on behalf of the men and fathers sometimes we don't remember to say thank you. i get it. i'd like to give each of our women a $500 spafinder gift certificate today. [applause] for our viewers at home, log on to take our chore personality quiz and we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] your glass of tap water can go farther than you think. just $1 for tap water can help unicef provide clean, safe water for 40 kids in need. ♪ >> dr. phil: if you would like to purchase a dvd or transcript of your favorite "dr. phil show," please log on to or call 866-4-dr-phil. that's 866-437-7445.
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>> dr. phil: i want to thank all of my guests and my studio audience here today and also thanks to senior sociologist at rand, dr. chloe bird, and go to and you can take our personality quiz. in fact, our couples took the quiz before the show. debi and rick were total opposites. debi scored very high on self-efficacy versus rick, who scored very low, which means debi completes her tasks successfully, rick does not. so surprise-surprise. we'll see you next time. thanks.
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